Foire Aux Questions

Are AFB Straps for me?

Our AFB straps were developed to provide an innovative bodyweight fitness experience from hanging on our AFB straps & flying into fitness - From never hanging on straps before to bodywieght speicilast & cirque artists. We cater for all abilities & levels through our safe progressional tutorials & subscription. From understanding how to hang correctly to learning cirque bodyweight skills like planches & flags! Who doesn't want to train like a cirque performer!!!

What are AFB Straps?

Our AFB straps have been developed by former Cirque Du Soleil artists Stuart McKenzie. The straps are the same design as what @Stustraps flys on for his act - so YOU are getting the full aerial straps experience when you hang & train on the straps. Specs: Break Strength Load: 4900 lbs Dimensions: 18 in x 2 in Nylon base with a comfortable Neoprene cover.

How do I set up my AFB Straps?

Below is a video link to demonstrate how to set your AFB straps up - All you need is a safe pull up bar: Any Questions Please use the conatct form below.


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